1. The Sovereign Individual 00| PREFACE

    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS When the definitive “History of the Thank-You Note Through the Ages” is compiled, this whole book could well be an exhibit. It is the third we have done together on various aspects of the great transformation to the Information Age now under way. The Sovereign Individual builds upon research and analysis that went into Blood in the Streets and The Great Reckoning. Like those books, it appropriates the thoughts of many authorities whose work is credited in the texts and citations. It also builds upon insights gained in conversations, both recently and over the past decade. In that sense, we should probably repeat all of our acknowledgments to the friends and accomplices who helped us in crucial ways in our two previous books. For the record, we do. Those whom we have mentioned and overlooked in our previous books, please take note. You have our thanks, cubed, for a decade of stimulation and kindnesses. Our special thanks go to Bill Bonner, who has helped us stay abreast of the changing currents of publishing during the past decade. It is mainly his genius that accounts for the huge worldwide circulation of our newsletter, Strategic Investment. He has helped us formulate ongoing market tests of our ideas. But more to the point, he has been an indispensable friend and sounding board.

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  2. 主权个人

    主权个人 掌控信息时代的变革 詹姆斯·戴尔·戴维森 威廉姆·里斯·莫格勋爵 1997 年初版 2020 年再版 (本稿依据 2020 年版译出) 公众号【不懂经】独家出品 版权所有 侵权必究

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